Qigong Program


"Because of the changes in human lifestyle during the last 100 years, Qigong is more necessary today than ever before in its 2500 year history."

Dr. Jwing Ming Yang

Shifu (Teacher) Roger Blough is certified as a full instructor of Qigong by Dr. Jwing Ming Yang.

Bringing the Pieces Together

There are few methods of improving wellbeing that are as encompassing as martial arts classes. More than just a test of strength and flexibility, martial arts inspires confidence, reduces stress, and builds the spirit. If you’ve felt your inner energy being drawn away from you lately, then the martial arts training program here at Qi Elements can help re-center your focus.

Martial arts focus on the mind as well as the body. They show how to have the two become one while working more closely together. Practitioners learn how to make energy work for them, whether it’s through drawing this force inward or repelling it depending on the situation. Qigong is a perfect example of this principle. It combines the elements of posture, movement, breathing, and mediation while directing the martial artist toward health and spirituality.

You can find martial arts for beginners at Qi Elements and train under experienced martial arts instructors who help you to learn at your own pace. Very few health conditions will limit you from practice, but it’s always a good idea to share these with your instructor. Once you’re ready, you can study and practice techniques that deliver the best that Qigong has to offer. It’s a great way to grow as a person, develop inner peace, and get exercise.