Our MIssion

Qi Elements is dedicated to transforming the lives of our members through the arts of Taijiquan and Qigong.  Specifically our goals are to promote spirit, strength, self-confidence, health and longevity among our members. 

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe in creating a supportive, non-competitive learning environment where every member can proceed at his or her own pace.  We welcome members' questions, sharing experiences and discussion.

Our Roots

Traditional Taiji Long Form from the Yang Family

Taijiquan martial exercises and applications from Grand Master Jwing Ming Yang.

Medical, Martial, and other Qigong from Grand Master Jwing Ming Yang, Grand Master Shou Yu Liang and others

Qi Elements is a Limited Liability Company registered with the State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia (Qi Elements, L.C. ID: S-01771).